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General information

The Technology Supply and Working Procedures Follow Up and Support Directorate is among the five directorate offices under the Federal Integrated Land Information Project Office (FILIPO). It was established with the major role of ensuring the uniformity in working procedures and technology platforms for organizing land and land related information collected by different land related sectors throughout the country. This is believed to reduce the problems related to data interoperability, security and redundancy of efforts by different sectors to obtain the same information. The directorate will strive to realize its objective through the use of up-to-date technology outputs available elsewhere in the world and approved by the Ethiopian Standard Authentication Agency. Below are lists of its responsibilities and currently ongoing activities.



  • Identify efficient and modern working procedures for the development and organization of land and land related information
  • Identify appropriate technology outputs that support the identified working procedures
  • Procurement, supply and installation of working standards and technology outputs
  • Facilitate staff capacity building to create awareness on the newly introduced technologies, working procedures and standards
  • Ensure the uniformity of working procedures and organizational structures among the different land related sectors in different regions and towns



Currently ongoing activities

  • Coordinate the preparation of the project’s road-map document
  • Review best practices from elsewhere and identify opportunities for adaptation and scaling up
  • Identify gaps in working procedures and organizational structures and prepare appropriate supporting documents for their remedy
  • Establishment of land and land related service delivery institutions in five regions and Dire Dawa administration council
  • Prepare the topology and design of land and land related service delivery institutions’ buildings and follow up their construction
  • Procurement of ISO standard technologies approved by Ethiopian Standard Authentication Agency that are useful for the accomplishment of the projects mission
  • Create common understanding of the projects road-map document among the regional offices