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Duties and Responsibilities

  • It is working for over coming the shortage of skilled human resource in land sector.
  • Supervises and facilitates to deliver short and long term land related trainings in TVET Institutions and Colleges as well as Ethiopian Civil Service University.
  • It creates awareness in already identified attitudinal gaps in relation to the land and land related information handling, organizing and usage.
  • Organize and offer trainings to create awareness on the newly designed standards and Legal frame works.
  • Adapt best practices from Addis Ababa related to the land sector and transfer it to regional cities.

Currently handled projects/tasks

  • Providing Training for 400 experts from regions of Amhara, Tigray, Oromia, SNNP, Harari, Diredawa and Addis Ababa city administration intended to be a spring board for implementing integrated land information system in the respective regions and cities
  • Facilitating the experience sharing and training program under taken by Addis Ababa City Administration Integrated Land Management Information System Project Coordination Office for 84 experts from different regions and city administrations
  • Under taking/conducting skill gap based training and assessment on the urban land occupational standards for 100 professionals from land and TVET institutions in order to produce trainers and assessors for the sector
  • Preparing training modules for the urban land sector Occupational Standards based on the unit of competences of the first two levels (Level-II and Level-III)