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Home FIULI Project Office Directorates Under FIULIPO Geo-Spatial Information Gathering Organizing & Updating

General information

Information gathering, organization and update directorate is one of the branches under the Federal Integrated Land Information Project Office (FILIPO) that is responsible for creating urban cadastral geospatial and non spatial primary data capturing, production and utilization up to standard.
The directorate works with other stakeholders that are believed to have key parts in establishing national urban legal cadastral system which late on leads to Ethiopian national geospatial data infrastructure.


Responsibilities, Objectives and Goals

The directorate has three major responsibilities

  • Preparing standard documents that are related with urban geospatial data.
  • Capturing primary metropolitan geospatial and non-spatial data by aerial and ground survey methodologies that are used for the establishment of secured scalable efficient as well as iron-fenced nationwide legal cadastral system in collaboration with stakeholders.
  • Scaling up best practices identified in the areas of data collection, organization and update to regions so that they enhance their institutional capacities.

Major objectives

  • Lay foundation for uniform legal cadastre project implementation in all regional states and at federal level.
  • Support regional project offices build their operational capabilities so that they work on their own towards establishing respective regional legal cadastral system, the support being from the angle of data collection organization update and related aspects.

General goals

  • Laying foundation for urban land validation using ground control points.
  • Creating enabling environment and coaching activities of capturing aerial photographs, gathering/ collecting GCPs, preparing base map and generating orthophotos with stakeholder active participation that will be used for building urban legal cadastral information and street addressing system.



Major Current activities

  • An aerial photography survey for 23 major forms in taking place
  • Pre-flight ground marking activity has been accomplished for six major cities/towns in five region and a city administrations.
  • A survey to undertake photo control point GPS observation is currently preparing itself for field marks.
  • Another survey crew is also ready to establish permanent ground station (GCS) at an interval of generally a kilo meter in all 23 towns sooner